Creating safe places to walk in Dhaka

6 years ago

We tried to show the opportunity and challenges of the pedestrian in Dhaka. This video showing existing infrastructures are favorable for the pedestrian or not. It is well discussed that how current policies and and projects are consider the pedestrian. Also mentioning amenities are available or not to walk in Dhaka conveniently. Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust looking improve walking environment in Dhaka since 2004. It’s long experience expressing in this video.

Walking is one of the efficient mode of transport in aspect of cost, health and environment. Currently 37% trips are made on foot in Dhaka. But due to lack facilities people can’t walk safely and conveniently. It is essential to ensure facility for walking. Hope we can create safe walking environment in Dhaka if we work together.

Name of the video documentary: Creating safe places in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Key concept: Kristie Daniel, Edited by: Shanu Manik and Prodesh Kumar, Directed by: Maruf Hossain Rahman, Produced by: Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust, Supported by: HealthBridge.