Film-maker Mohammad Manik (Shanu Manik)

7 months ago

Popularly known as Shanu Manik was born in 1983 in Dhaka and completed Masters Degree in Business Studies from National University of Bangladesh. Get scholarship in IT as Enterprise Systems Analysis & Design-C#.Net from Daffodil Institute. Participated the “Film Appreciation Course” and attend different workshops like “To Explore the Film Language”, “Aesthetics of Satyajit Ray: Four Classic Films”conducted by John Hood and “Forms of Cinema: In Search of Realism” by Gayatri Chatterjee organized by Bangladesh Film Institute also completed a course of Editing from Crandasi Production from India. Now involve in photography, design, video and film productions with own production house ART-VISION.

“The Fishermen” (Jalia) made to tell about the situation about the river of ‘Dhepa’ and related people located at Northern area of Bangladesh. The documentary film “The Celebrating Day” (Pohela Boishakh) on the biggest Bengalee cultural issue, which is based on the 1st day in Bengali calendar and some other related functions, which is directed and edited by self. “For Farmers”, a Government project have done for the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE). Some other directed films are “35 ST Battalion”, “Rights of Way”. Also edit some documentary films such as “The Goldsmith” documentary and with “In-between” fiction films are produced by Bangladesh Film Institute including technical and logistical arrangement during shooting and post-production works.