ART-VISION, an organisation of Film and Media Communication in Dhaka and working in research, developed, Government and NGOs documentaries with audio and video materials and jingles, television spots and video, documentary and fiction films, professional photography.

ART-VISION provides to make new film-maker to producing quality feature and documentary films and some experienced of the activities like film screening in remote area film appreciation course and documentary film-making workshop. To increase the film-sense and idea, sometimes we help to the freelance film-maker to complete their films to develop alternative film making in Bangladesh. ART VISION has its own video-editing facilities and related subjects. To increase the film-sense and idea, sometimes we help freelance Film-maker to complete their Films and became a Filmmaker. Our concept is Get Idea and Create It As An Art.

ART-VISION offers:

  • Direction
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Video editing course.

We do:

  • Fiction film.
  • Documentary film such as company profile, NGOs activities.
  • Cinematography
  • Photography
  • Making advertisement of any products (TVC/RDC) etc.
  • Production of research-based programs
  • Post-production Editing
  • Facilities for duplication and conversion from formats such as DVD to Beta, Beta to DV, Beta to DVD, VHS to CD, VHS to DVD, etc.
  • Hire service for crew and shooting equipment.
  • Advertisement jingles